Our Story

In the heart of Albion, in 2001, a story began. A story of faith, unity, and a deep commitment to the historical magisterial Protestant roots. As a newly formed plant in the Waterville area, Christ Reformed Church stood as a testament to our unwavering belief and dedication to the rich Reformed liturgy, practices and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

As time unfolded, our congregation evolved, yet our dedication to our foundational beliefs remained unyielding. With each passing year, we embraced change, always with an eye on our rich history. In 2023, a challenge presented itself after a period of growth in the church. This challenge involved differing convictions regarding the nature of authority, and the historic doctrine of liberty of conscience. This became an opportunity for peace and for us as founders to further embed our legacy. We chose to name our new work Heritage not as a departure, but as an embodiment of our cherished history. Our name does not alter but reflects our continued respect for our deep-seated Protestant traditions while acknowledging the organic growth and evolution that had unfolded at Christ Reformed Church.

Our new name does not alter our essence, but rather underscores it. The same visionaries of 2001 continue to steer our path today, fortified by new members who share our reverence for the Reformed faith. Together, we honor our roots while forging ahead, ensuring that the tenets of our faith remain as steadfast as they were when our story first began.

And so, as Heritage, we continue our mission: grounded in the past, flourishing in the present, and looking forward to a future of faith and fellowship."Forged in Truth, Flourishing in Service," seeking to embody the divine principles of truth and service as outlined in John 17:17 and Galatians 5:13.

Our Denomination

We are part of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.